Cool, Creative

Designed by my Aussie family for your Aussie family


Toys to inspire hours of screen free, imaginative & open ended play!

Designed to encourage independent & active play inside, outside or even in the bath or pool


The Kickbrick range are made from top quality AS NZS ISO 8124 safety tested, soft but dense foam that ensures stability for super high, fun constructions but also won’t hurt if one happens to land on your head. 


Loved by thousands of kids all around Australia. Recommended by families, primary & STEM teachers & OT’s. Kickbricks Toys are a hit with 100% 5* reviews 


84% of customers who purchased more than 4 years ago are still using them. Even if they are outgrown, they can be handed down or passed on. These toys won’t end up in landfill!

Great Reasons to Get some Kickbrick Toys


We've heard so many wonderful stories about how our toys have inspired movement, skill development, play, and connection.

We can issue NDIS invoices for self-managed and plan-managed funds.

100% 5⭐ Google Reviews

This is the most versatile toy we have ever owned. I reckon my kids will be playing with these until they are teenagers (they're in kinder and early primary school now).

Nicole Cooper

Our two kids aged 7 and 4 love KICKBrick's. There are endless ways to play with the bricks - my kids take turns building each other inside a castle, they make walls, towers, brick in hallways and doorways. When friends come to play I find that after a while the kids get a bit lost so I bring out KICKBrick's and the fun starts all over again. Inside or outside, my kids haven't run out of new ideas yet. I'd definitely recommend them.

Louise Stonier

What an amazing invention! My two boys aged 2 & 4 (and the biggest kid of all, their daddy) absolutely love their Kickbricks! The things they have imagined in one week astounds me. Trains, planes, walls, towers, roads, paths the list goes on! Well done to you Nick for creating such a wonderful product. I've already recommended to our Kindy friends and I will continue to recommend them to others.

Kelsey Dewar
Hi, I’m Nick

I am the Dad to 2 amazing, crazy, super active boys in Melbourne. By day for the past 12 years, I have been Coach Nick, running soccer classes for pre-school kids aged 1–8 years but by night I am transformed into Kickbrick Nick, designing creative construction toys for kids of all ages.

I am passionate about getting kids active & playing using their imaginations. It’s so easy for screen time to take over, so I made it my mission to create some fun, creative open ended toys to keep kids entertained. Thanks to my job I am very lucky to have hundreds of pre-schoolers to test our creations on so we can guarantee your kids will love them.

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