The KICKBrick®

My name is Nick

I live in the Mornington Peninsula near Melbourne & I am the father of 2 amazing, crazy, super active boys.By day I am Coach Nick, running soccer classes for pre-school kids aged 1 – 7 years & by Night I am transformed into KICKBrick Nick !

Did you know 1 in 5 Australian kids qualify as being overweight or obese & one of the main contributing factors is too much screen time? We want to help change these figures & help parents get kids up, out & playing again. Kickbrick are simple, fun construction toys without the waste. We all want our kids to be creative & challenged when playing & we want our money to be spent on toys that are versatile & that last. Kickbrick give you all this & more, so if you’ve had a busy day & are looking to provide some guilt free parenting, get the Kickbricks out, put the kettle on & get your feet up! 😊

The bricks originated as target towers

The bricks originated as target towers in our soccer classes & it was obvious from the start that they were a massive hit with the children. We also noticed that however crazy the sessions had been, whenever the bricks came out we got attention back very quickly. There was co-operation & a lot of focused thinking. The chaos would turn to order as challenges were set with the bricks. Shy children too who had spent the whole class clinging onto their parents leg would all of a sudden venture over to see what was going on. Inevitably the focus would turn to laughter & excitement when the tower was finished & it was time to smash it down.

On taking them home I found not only did my boys love them but to my amazement they also got on well for a while!!!!

I’d say the top 3 things that I have learnt in the past 7 years as a pre-school coach are that :

• Children love to be challenged

• They love structured but lively play

• & they also love to knock things down !

KICKBrick provides all of these & more. Having tested the bricks on hundreds of kids (& quite a few adults) we thought it’d be a good idea to bag some up & let everyone have a go.We hope they enjoy them as much as us & we’d love it if you’d share your photos & videos on our Facebook page, Instagram or You Tube channel for the chance to win some cool prizes. KICKBrick® - Keeping your kids quiet for a bit 😉