3 Top Tips to Stop Brothers Fighting

Whether we like it or not, fights between siblings are a natural occurrence. The good news is that fighting teaches our children important social cues, interpersonal skills, and how to deal with conflict resolution. The bad news is that fights between siblings might be happening enough to disrupt family life.

 These are our top three tips for breaking up the bickering and restoring peace to the house:

  • Spend quality time with your children – individually.

Sometimes brothers fight because they want attention whether it’s positive or negative. Creating time to spend with each of your children individually can help reduce fights stemming from jealousy.

  • Channel their emotions in a new direction.

We all have to work out pent-up emotions once in a while. Whether your children are fighting because they’re bored, restless, or frustrated, offering an outlet for their feelings can help put an end to constant bickering. Our favourite outlet are our KICKBricks of course, but you can also try other construction toys, playing outdoors, or even assigning chores.

  • Set and stick to routines.

Sometimes squabbles break out over simple questions like who gets to play video games first or where your kids sit in the car. If you have set routines, these kinds of fights can be avoided altogether. Schedules and routines not only create clarity, but also consistency. Siblings are less likely to fight when they know that their turn is next.

I’d love to know your thoughts & if you have any other suggestions we can share.

This parenting game aint easy! Let’s work together to make it a bit easier…😊

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