Behind the Scenes of the KickBrick Video

I think sometimes being a parent has extremes. For example you can never explain how frazzled you can become, or how darn proud and smug you feel when everything is going your way, the house is tidy, the kids are behaving and there's a delicious home baked pie in the oven! For me this probably only happens a handful of times each year.
So the concept of the video was really to play on this, and make something visually exciting, funny but very very silly. Something kids and parents could both relate to.
I wanted to show how powerfully this simple product can affect a family dynamic, or act as a tool to bring people together when tensions are high.

The jingle came first. We played around with other tunes but the one we ultimately used was the first attempt and got stuck in our heads straight away! The story came later.
On the day of the shoot, the boys got a bit feral (that's not all acting) and so we put them outside with the bricks and gave them different challenges. Peace was restored.

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