Spending quality time with your kids

As parents we all know that it is important to spend quality one on one time with each of our children but knowing what to do & finding the best time can be difficult.

Here’s three great ways that you can spend time together with your child, and mutually benefit from it.

Slow down your busy schedule. The hustle and bustle of daily life definitely interferes with creating strong bonds with our children – when we have to hurry out of the door in the morning, run errands, take them to after school care or sports practices, and then somehow get dinner on the table at night, it can be hard to have just a few moments with just me and my child. Scheduling time into our daily or even just weekly schedules (which is pinned up in the kitchen for all to see) is key. It gives each child something to look forward to & plan.

(By the way One on One time means giving them your undivided attention so don’t be tempted to even get eye contact with your phone- it is always noted & when you least expect they’ll tell everyone that you love your phone more than them!! It doesn’t have to be a big expensive outing, it can be something simple like reading a book together, drawing, playing a game or doing some baking. The kids will just appreciate the attention, and it will help them feel seen and heard by you, while your attention isn’t elsewhere. Bad behavior, sibling fighting etc can all simply be cries for attention so booking this time could improve all aspects of your home life 😊

Make it a healthy activity. When you’re spending one-on-one time, you could try and do something active together during that time. You’ll get your blood pumping and your child will get to spend valuable moments with you while getting their exercise in. It’s a great way to build healthy activity into your child’s schedule, and make exercise part of the normal routine. Plus you get to get your daily workout in, too! Whether you’re jogging, biking, riding a scooter, or taking a walk, anything that gets you up and outside with your child is the perfect choice.

Plan a fun outing for just the two of you. Does your child like dressing up or painting their nails? Or do they love science and animals? Or maybe their favorite thing is flipping and going to trampoline parks? About once a month I book a time for us to do something bigger that aligns with their interests, spending a few hours with just us two, doing their favorite things. Go explore a museum, a local park, or kid’s center, or take a trip to the library for a special children’s event, or maybe even take a trip to a public pool to splash and play for an afternoon. Doing something out of the ordinary that fits with their interests is a great way to bond, and learn more about your child, plus it lets them know that you’re paying attention to what they like, and carving out time to do what they love. Make sure you get involved though & are not just watching from the side. You may hate trampolines & get dizzy at the site of them but you’ll earn serious brownie points from your kids for making the effort!!

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